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        Task 1

        Some professors prefer to tell students before giving quiz, other professor prefer to give students surprising quiz. Talk about the advantage / disadvantage of surprising quiz!

        The university wants to provide student more entertainments and three choices provided below. Which one do you prefer and why.

        a) a theater performance by the student actors

        b) a concert provided by professional musicians

        c) a lecture from a professor

        Your friend will move to a new school and he is worried about making new friends there. What kind of advice can you give to him and why?

        The university currently requires all students to take physical education course in order to graduate. Which of the following choices will you choose to do in class?




        Your friend wants to travel to your country and what do you suggest him to do and not to do in your country in order to be polite and respectful.

        Task 2

        Agree/disagree: Children should approach computer and other electronic devices as early as possible

        do you agree or disagree with the statement: Children should start listen to or read news at an early age

        A big company is considering building a factory in your home town. It will create many jobs , but it will also bring about pollution. Do you think the factory should be built . why

        Agree or disagree that some parents will give their children the money reward when they do well in school? Explain why.

        When a friend is coming to visit your place, do you prefer a surprise visit or to be informed ahead of time?

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